Supported by a committed business community, we offer personalized support from the early stages to international expansion for any entrepreneur who wants to have an impact on the world.

From early stage to international

Early Stage

Let’s solidify the foundations of your business!

During this phase, you will define the identity elements that will form the foundations of your business. Creativity, open-mindedness, an ability to learn, and passion will allow you to develop your business model and your first market study, validate your product with the “early adopters,” and structure your organization.

Let's propel your business!

During the growth phase, you will experience a pivot of structural and organizational changes in your life and that of your business. This transition will ensure the success and prosperity of your organization. Boldness, motivation, determination, and proactiveness will allow you to structure the marketing/sales strategy, the production unit, and the HR management, as well as break into new markets and access major financing.

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As soon as you arrive at ACET, you will be paired with coaches according to your needs and those of your business (IP, marketing, HR, etc.). They will support you in your different challenges through private and personalized support, and they will be called upon to change according to the new needs related to your growth.

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Throughout your journey, we will support you in implementing a financing strategy for your business. Depending on the development of your company, our venture capital investment fund, ACET Capital 2, will allow you to have access to private funds to support your growth and maximize your chances of success.

“You can solve complex problems, but once it’s in the hands of your users, it has to be simple.”

Mathieu Allaire
General Director of Agendrix

“Launch. Even if it’s not perfect. Demonstrate that there is a need for your product by quickly finding your early adopters.

Marie-Hélène David
CEO and founder of Filo

Market Intelligence

To guide your growth, you will have access to iA7, our market intelligence service. Through professional data collection and analysis, this will allow you to have a clear picture of your market and your competition and identify new business opportunities by setting up monitoring systems, market analyses, competitive studies, etc.

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By entering ACET, you will receive rigorous support that will allow you to set up and structure your marketing activities. When the time comes, we will help you hire seasoned business developers and support you in your business development in Canada and abroad.

Maximise your impact on the world.

Let’s give your business the support it deserves.

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