ACET’s coaching aims to support individually each business project in the different phases of their development according to their needs and their evolution.

Early stage

Duration : 6 to 18 months

Period in which startups define the identity elements that will constitute their foundations. Creativity, open-mindedness, learning capacity and passion will allow you to develop your business model and your first market research, to validate your product with "Early Adopters", and to structure your organization.

Development and validation of the business model

Market research

Market validation

Early adopters

Prototype Alpha/Beta

Pre-marketable product

Intellectual property - Technology watch

Development of marketing mix

Implementation of operations

Personal development

(psychological support, leadership, communication)

Seed financing

Prototype financing

Completion of 1st financing round

ACET Capital Funds


Duration : 12 to 36 months

A phase of great turbulence where businesses must focus on executing their action plan. Perseverance, patience, resilience and adaptability will guide you in developing the commercial version of the product for your first customers, in obtaining a first round of financing and in your precise knowledge of the competitive environment.

Execution and adjustment of the company's business model

First sales

Recurring sales

Product enhancement

Intellectual property - Technology watch

Implementation of governance systems

Deployment of marketing mix

Operations management

Personal development

(psychological support, leadership, communication)

Completion of 2nd financing round

ACET Capital Funds

CDPQ Program - Growth Strategy

Duration : 24 months

Phase of structural and organizational changes for both the business and the founders that will ensure the success and prosperity of the organization. Boldness, motivation, determination and proactivity will allow you to structure the marketing/sales strategy, the production unit, the HR management, to penetrate new markets and to access major financing.

International business model

New markets, strategic alliances and distribution channels

New products development

Intellectual property - Technology watch

HR and governance support

Deployment of marketing mix

Operations management and optimization

Personal development

(psychological support, leadership, communication)

Strategic financing partners (Series A & B)

Acet Capital Funds

A personalized assistance

Let’s determine the ideal support for your project based on your needs
and the stage in which your business is.

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