ACET has developed personalized 18-month support and coaching to meet your specific needs and those of your company as effectively as possible.

Be supported in all aspects of your business

Supported by a committed business community, we offer personalized support and coaching from the early stages to international expansion for any entrepreneur who wants to have an impact on the world.

Knowing that your two major challenges are often financing and commercialization, we have put in place two other independent services: iA7, a market intelligence service, and ACET Capital, a private equity fund dedicated to companies we support.
The combination of these three entities is the strength behind our accelerator and maximizes your chances of success.

To guide your growth, you will have access to iA7, our market intelligence service. Through professional data collection and analysis, this will allow you to have a clear picture of your market and your competition and identify new business opportunities by setting up monitoring systems, market analyses, competitive studies, etc.

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Throughout your journey, we will support you in implementing a financing strategy for your business. Depending on the development of your company, our venture capital investment fund, ACET Capital, will allow you to have access to private funds to support your growth and maximize your chances of success.

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Our methodology

An initial meeting held at ACET allows us to explain to you in detail how your individual personalized coaching will be conducted over the next 18 months.

Since financing is an element that concerns most entrepreneurs, a meeting on this topic is planned to allow you to learn about the different sources of financing based on your stage of growth and potential grants for your company.

During this group activity, you will give a 15-minute presentation on the business opportunity that your technological innovation represents to ACET members, coaches and a few partners. Following a question period, an evaluation report will be sent to you a few days later; you will discuss it with your Head coach.

Once you have done the OpportuniT activity, a Head coach will be assigned to you. The role of this person, who is a generalist, will be to support you throughout your time with ACET and to optimize your development and that of your business.

Next, you will come up with a game plan for the next 3 to 6 months with your Head coach, based on your company’s stage of maturity. To do this, you will have access to a team of specialized coaches who are dedicated to your success.

An analysis of your market and the competition (Go/NoGo) is done during the recruitment process. A meeting with our analyst will allow you to ask questions and refine elements revealed by the analysis.

An analysis of your psychometric profile is done during the recruitment process. We will present you with your various psychometric profiles and the possible dynamics that could arise among team members.

After 6 months of support, we pause to evaluate your evolution. An analysis of your progress and of the maturity of your company is done to decide whether to continue the support or not.

The moment of truth also allows for updating your company’s maturity analysis and the game plan so it is adapted to the company’s constantly changing reality.

After a year and a half of support from ACET, we now consider you launched. You will always be welcome to participate in various activities and events offered by ACET.

Our coaching and support services


We help you build your commercialization strategy based on your maturity level and your goals to maximize your chances of success.

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Entrepreneur development

Your development is at the heart of your company’s success. We have therefore created a series of activities that complement coaching to support the development of your soft skills.

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Company launch

Our team of coaches and experts will guide you through industry best practices, enabling you to effectively structure your business at every level.

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Our coaches

To propel your technology company, we make available to you respected business people and experts who will support you at each crucial stage of your company’s development.

Did you know?

Our team answers your most frequently asked questions about the support offered through ACET.

Together, let’s build the world of tomorrow.