Entrepreneur development

Having an excellent business project isn’t enough: you also need to know how to champion it and sell it to your various stakeholders. You are at the heart of your company, and therefore are the key to its success. That is why we place special emphasis on developing your entrepreneurial soft skills. We have put in place activities that complement coaching to help you develop your entrepreneurial and managerial skills.

Services available at this stage

Collaborative molecules

As part of a group of 6 or 7 entrepreneurs incubating at ACET whose company is at the same stage, you will be invited to talk about difficulties, issues, questions or dilemmas you are facing. In addition to the entrepreneurs who are present, experienced guests will take part in the molecules to help you overcome your challenges.

This is a time and safe space that spans 10 two-hour meetings throughout the year to allow you to grow as you talk with entrepreneurs who are living through a reality that is similar to yours.

Sector cells

This type of co-development group follows the same structure as the collaborative molecules, but this time, participants are grouped by sector (life sciences, quantum technologies, etc.). The aim is to accelerate your development by putting you in touch with entrepreneurs from the same sector who have gone through or will go through the same stages as you and your company.

Entrepreneurial days: Inspiration Ô Sommet

These hands-on days set in nature are an opportunity to broaden your knowledge and get an overview of your company to make better progress. They combine a meeting with entrepreneurs or recognized experts, discussions with other entrepreneurs and time to reflect on yourself and your company.

Entrepreneurial bootcamps

Inspired by the mythology of the first scientific building blocks, each Elements Bootcamp tackles a key element of entrepreneurship in the form of intensive experiences, training sessions and hands-on activities with the aim of accelerating your startup’s growth. These intensive 48-hour events take place twice a year and are organized with two other accelerators: Centech and Le Camp . This is a unique opportunity to learn from the experiences of other entrepreneurs and to develop your entrepreneurial skills.

Training sessions and workshops

Throughout your time with ACET, you will have the opportunity to attend – in person or virtually – various training sessions and workshops given by our specialist coaches and our partners, in the areas of IP strategy, commercialization, market intelligence, financing, mental health, leadership, etc.


In collaboration with Réseau Mentorat, you can have access to a mentor whatever your age, sector or stage of development of your company. Mentorship is a supportive relationship based on listening, trust and mutual respect. Through dialogue and the sharing of experience, mentors help you find answers to your questions, one meeting at a time.

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