Quantum technologies

Seeing the rise in quantum technologies and the impact these can have on society, ACET has developed specialized quantum support and coaching.

The quantum team is made up of experts in the field and coaches who understand this developing industry, your technology, your markets and your challenges.

ACET’s quantum support and coaching

The reality of a quantum startup differs in several ways from other types of technology companies, especially:

  • Very long development and pre-sales cycles
  • Markets to discover and develop
  • Disruptive technologies
  • Investors and customers who are not very familiar with these technologies and their benefits
  • Very expensive infrastructures that are necessary for technological development
  • A specialized, rare and highly sought after workforce

Personalized support and coaching that adapts to your needs over time

By incubating at ACET, you will have access to personalized coaching with a team of experts to work on your business model, develop your company and create a marketable quantum solution that responds to a real need in a global market. You will have access to support for:

  • Market Development
  • Developing an intellectual property strategy
  • Product Development
  • Creating and implementing a financing strategy
  • Designing your organizational and technological road map and execution to achieve key milestones 
  • Team Development


In addition to coaching, our market intelligence service iA7 will put its expertise at your service to guide you in developing your technology and your market:


Study and analysis of business opportunities


Insights into key market segmentation


Technological, competitive and strategic monitoring


Dashboards and decision matrices

A venture capital fund dedicated to quantum technologies

Among its partners, ACET also includes the Quantacet venture capital fund, which is dedicated to quantum technologies and invests in startups at the pre-seed and seed stage with the aim of accelerating their growth.

So, by entering ACET, you will benefit from direct access to Quantacet’s management team and will be able to discuss potential investments to propel your business.

Privileged access to R&D technology platforms

Aware of the high costs involved in accessing R&D technological platforms that specialize in quantum technologies, ACET has entered into agreements with its network of partners to facilitate your access to the following equipment and services:

  • Nanofabrication
  • Cryogenic laboratories
  • Photonic laboratories
  • Electronics laboratories
  • Mechanical prototyping
  • Experimental quantum communication network
  • High-performance computing and quantum computing
  • Etc.

Shared resources with Quantino

ACET and Quantino, the incubator affiliated with the Institut National d’Optique (INO) in Quebec City, are the only two incubators specializing in quantum technologies in Quebec. We work together to offer the best incubation experience to quantum startups.

As each of has our areas of expertise, we have developed a joint offer allowing our respective quantum technology startups to benefit from resources offered reciprocally in either incubator.

Did you know?

Our team answers your most frequently asked questions about our support for quantum startups.

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