ACET Capital investment fund

ACET Capital is a venture capital investment fund dedicated exclusively to ACET businesses in the pre- or early commercialization stages. The fund provides these businesses with access to private funding for their first financial package and helps optimize their chances of success.


ACET’s market and competitive intelligence service

This service gives ACET businesses and partners a strategic and operational understanding of the market via professional data and information collection and analysis, including market analysis, competitive and technological analysis, business opportunity spotting, and the establishment of monitoring systems.

The goal is to give entrepreneurs insight and decision-making assistance by providing fast, rich and accurate information that goes far beyond what they would glean from their usual sources and networks.

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ACET Commercialisation

ACET Commercialisation assists businesses with the transition from starting up to going to market. During this process, seasoned business developers are hired to set up and structure commercialization activities. Entrepreneurs receive active assistance for their business development on the Canadian (Quebec and Ontario) and New England markets.

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ACET's DNA and unique coaching process

The ACET ecosystem is made up of business movers and shakers, Université de Sherbrooke, dedicated partners and senior government players, giving young entrepreneurs access to strategic networks.

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  • Prospecting

  • Selecting

  • Training

  • Propelling

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Training program in the creation of technological businesses

The graduate program in technological business creation is a collaborative initiative of ACET and the Université de Sherbrooke School of Management (Centre Laurent Beaudoin). The themes of the program are adapted to the practical realities of launching a technological business. The skills developed and the tools used in the program are focused on making the shift from technology project to full-fledged business.