The eCoach, a coaching tool specially dedicated to front-line managers

Justin Lessard-Wajcer
CEO, co-founder
Saba Saremi
Head of operations, co-founder
Sonia Israel
CTO, co-founder

Nurau is at the forefront of enhancing the retail employee experience with its specialized coaching platform, eCoach, crafted expressly for front-line managers. Leveraging advanced technologies, eCoach delivers continuous, secure, and personalized support, empowering managers to refine their emotional and leadership skills to excel in the fast-paced retail environment.

The platform adapts to each manager’s usage patterns, offering tailored action plans that evolve to meet their individual needs. This bespoke coaching extends to incorporate company-specific policies, previous training, and regulatory guidelines. Nurau’s vision is to provide accessible, personalized, and cost-effective coaching, with the ultimate goal of evolving eCoach into a long-term emotionally intelligent guide.

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