Frequently asked questions

What do you mean by “personalized support”?

Our support is personalized in that we support each company individually rather than all companies in a general way. There is no cohort. We respond to your company’s specific needs and our support is adjusted according to your pace, your project development stage, your knowledge, your requests, etc.

What are the steps from submitting a project to having it accepted by ACET?

First, you need to schedule a call to present your project to us. A selection subcommittee will then evaluate the technological innovation and commercial potential of your project. If the project passes this stage, you will be invited to present it to the selection committee within 30 days. This committee will then evaluate your project in depth. The review can take 2 to 3 weeks. Finally, you will be sent a positive or negative answer, or a request for additional information.

You accept “technological” and “innovative” projects. What do you mean by these terms?

For our purposes, an innovative technological project means that your project has a technology component (the project as a whole can have a technological aim, or can include a technological stage of production / business process), and an innovative aspect (the project must include an added value proposition compared to existing offerings on the market).

Consult our portfolio of companies for a better idea of accepted projects.

Can a project be submitted individually?

To maximize companies’ chances of success, projects in collaboration with one or more partners are preferred. However, you can submit your project even if you are alone. Depending on your company’s technological potential, your project progress and several other variables, yes, your project could still be selected.

Do you accept people from outside UdeS?

Any innovative technological entrepreneurial project can be accepted at ACET. Furthermore, candidates do not need to be still studying: our goal is to maximize technology companies’ chances of success, regardless of their origin. For this reason, technological potential is a much more important factor in project selection than the background of the entrepreneur.

What makes ACET different from other accelerators?

We primarily set ourselves apart from other accelerators by the nature of our personalized support as explained above, by our Acet Capital investment fund that helps you transition to the commercialization stage, and by our partnership with iA7, a market intelligence service that gives you a global strategic outlook on your market (market analyses, competition and technology studies, identification of business opportunities, establishment of monitoring systems, etc.).

What are the criteria for a technology company project to qualify for ACET?

At a minimum, you must have a proof of concept or alpha prototype of the technological innovation that will be at the core of your business project; preferably be a team; and have commercial potential from a technology standpoint.

At what stage in the business creation process can a project be submitted to ACET?

If you meet the qualifying criteria listed above, you can schedule a call with us at any time.